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How To Draw Goku

Start by copying the basic geometry and construction lines from the reference image below. Also note the invisible line of symmetry that is running vertically through the center of the image.

How To Draw Goku Step 1

Start this step by adding the first layer of hair to Goku’s head, which comprises of three hanging spikes and ten upward spikes. The upward spikes roughly follow the image’s natural line of symmetry noted earlier.

How To Draw Goku Step 2

Add the trapezium to the upper cross of construction lines to form Goku’s body and box out the other construction lines to form the arms and legs. Next, draw a small circle at the end of each forearm to indicate his fists and add small trapeziums to the bottom of the legs for his feet. Add small arcs for ears to the side of the head and two lines down from the head to the upper trapezium to denote his neck. Finally, add a medium sized, pointed U-shape arc inside the upper trapezium.

How To Draw Goku Step 3

Return to Goku’s hair and add the second layer, comprising of five spikes that decrease in size from the center to the edges and are positioned between each of the previously drawn primary layer spikes. Continue your drawing by defining the curvature of Goku’s skin and clothes using the reference image below. Again, using the image below to guide you, shape the lower trapeziums into his boots and shape the small circles into his fists. Finally, apply adjacent construction lines to the head and define the belt and undershirt on his shoulders and chest.

How To Draw Goku Step 4

Start this step by adding the facial features to the head, using your construction lines as a guide. Following this, detail the fists and boots as per the image below. Finish your drawing by sculpting the muscles and layers of the clothing using lines and curves. Extra detail can also be added to the hair using simple lines, as seen below.

How To Draw Goku Infographic

Due to the popularity of this particular tutorial, I decided to create a promotional infographic so that you can share the wealth and show it off to your friends. Please, if you know anyone who will benefit from the infographic below then please share it; Tweet it, Facebook it, Pin it and post it everywhere.

If you would like to post this infographic on your website then please use the handy embed code positioned below it.

How To Draw Goku Infographic

Use this code to embed the above infographic on your website.

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